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About Us

Who We Are

We at Pacific Institute are dedicated to teaching health care professionals and lay caregivers humanistic, process-oriented models for working with people in need of care and support. We understand that a non-pathologizing, non-judgmental attitude towards people in need of help is as important for care to take place as is skill and expertise.

Whether you are a social worker, psychologist, physician, nurse, student or lay caregiver, we would like to encourage you to tap into your own inner experience as a way to form a true connection with yourself and the people for whom you care. As such, caregiving becomes a reciprocal exchange allowing for a giving and receiving that is deeply rewarding to both professional and those being helped.

With the growing population of aging citizens and citizens with mental health concerns, the need for a more comprehensive, intelligent and loving approach to both eldercare and mental health is urgent today. Through teaching our philosophy of care we hope to make a contribution to a more accepting and aware people and planet.

Our Vision

In the next 10 years, Pacific Institute will help in changing the paradigm for teaching and learning how to care for the elderly and people with chronic mental health issues from a humanistic, process-oriented perspective.

Our Mission

Through deepening our awareness of the many dimensions and expressions of human nature, Pacific Institute teaches new perspectives in the field of Mental Health, Gerontology, and Education.