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AgeSong Institute

promoting awareness in the way we understand aging, growing old and the role of eldership


Pacific Institute, through its elder care program AgeSong Institute, is a comprehensive community resource for professional therapists, interns, volunteers, friends and family dedicated to providing a new vision of Elder care. We promote healthy aging for the growing elderly population by providing individualized and holistic treatment in therapeutic environments. AgeSong Institute views aging as a resource and not a liability, and provides valuable research and community outreach that is changing the face of aging. For over a decade, AgeSong Institute has led the way in caring for our most vulnerable and emotionally sensitive adults with an innovative approach towards the delivery of care which allow them to be who they are and to be valued for their wisdom and rich life experience.

If you would like AgeSong Institute to continue to provide these valuable programs, while educating the next generation of elder care professionals please support our vision by making a contribution today.

Please use our secure online donation form, or send a check (payable to Pacific Institute) to: 624 Laguna Street, San Francisco CA 94102

Pacific Institute is a 501(c3) tax exempt charitable organization