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Conversations with Ed

Ed Voris, Nader Shabahangi, and Patrick Fox, in collaboration with Sharon Mercer

How can we not be afraid of Alzheimer's Disease? How can we not dread aging? by posing these questions we are invited alternate ways of seeing Alzheimer's disease as well as aging.

ebook [ePub and Mobi editions]

Book cover for Deeper into the Soul ebook
by Nader Robert Shabahangi, Ph.D. & Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D. 
"If you are a researcher, a hospital worker, a teacher, a caregiver, this book belongs on your desk or at your bedside. ... Deeper into the Soul will push you further than you meant to go, surprising you into a smile of pleasure, a buzz of new learning, a challenge to your usual interpretation of meaning. Best of all, it will engage and enlarge your heart."
~  Elizabeth Bugental, PhD, Psychotherapist and Author of AgeSong: Mediations for Our Later Years
Elders Today

Nader R Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Elders Today poses complex, quintessential questions, helping us not only learn to appreciate what it means to be an elder; we can't help but actually look forward to becoming elders ourselves.


 Encounters of a Real Kind are exactly that: deep, life-changing meetings between human beings. 

The AgeSong Gero-Wellness training emphasizes that we need to ‘see’ and care for the whole human being. It teaches that symptoms are meaningful and important signals for a deeper understanding of each person, that these symptoms need to be met with curiosity and respect, with an attitude of wonder and love. 
book cover of Poems for and About Elders by Tom Greening

by Tom Greening

Tom Greening is a wonderful role model of an elder, poet, philosopher and educator who shares personal, honest and lyrical contemplations on later life issues.

The poems in this collection grew out of Tom serving as a training director at Agesong, his psychotherapy practice, and his own aging.  He and his dachshund are gradually getting used to being “elders.”



As noted by Elizabeth Bugental, it is a pretty good bet that our old age will last at least as long as our adolescence. While most of us didn't plan out our life path during adolescence, if we are lucky we might have an opportunity to do so in old age. The question is do we have the courage to examine our fears, desires and motives and determine how we would like to live the last decades of our life.

Through partnerships with writers such as Elizabeth Bugental and Gloria Steinem, Elders Academy Press seeks to encourage us to approach the process of aging with consciousness and to direct our thinking toward the possibilities ahead.